How long has the group been meeting?
Since January 2014.

Are you open to new members?
Absolutely. We’re a welcoming and inclusive group always open to new members whether you’ve been thinking you want to try writing or have a story nagging to get out. All of us started somewhere and have found meeting regularly to be a real catalyst to making sure we write.

Do I need to live in Waconia to be a member?
Not at all! We have members who live in or around Waconia, or other parts of Carver County. We’re open to anyone who wants to make the drive! (Or, in the age of COVID, anyone who wants to log into Zoom!)

Is attendance required?
Attendance policy is officially “Attend when life allows.” If you miss a meeting or a few, you can stay updated by subscribing to our blog, where we post meeting recaps and reminders.

Are there fees?
Our regular meetings are free of cost.

Why are there multiple meetings a month? Do I have to attend all?
As our group grew, we wanted to try to address the writing needs of everyone looking to join. Some writers prefer our larger First Saturday meetings, as they are more casual in nature. Some writers requested a more structured meeting in addition to the First Saturday meeting, for critique and feedback; those turned into our Wednesday Night Critique Sessions twice a month. Members can attend whichever meeting they feel more comfortable with, or both if they like. Either way, more meetings = more writing! Whatever you are looking for, as a writer, WWG’s mission is to provide support.

What does a typical WWG First Saturday meeting look like?
Members meet on the first Saturday of the month at the predetermined agreed-on location. Meetings are casual and relaxed. Usually we start by sharing our writing, whether it’s reading a piece inspired by the writing prompt picked during the previous meeting, or sharing something else we’re working on. We encourage people to attend even if they don’t have a piece to share that week, because we believe that sometimes just being in the company of other creative people can inspire creativity in ourselves! Attendees are always welcome to suggest or lead topics for discussion about writing and publishing, and we often share with each other our personal experiences with our craft.

Do I have to bring writing to the first meeting I come to?
No. It is not necessary to bring writing with you to the first meeting. It is necessary to bring doughnuts however. (Just kidding. But seriously, about the doughnuts…)

I don’t use a computer to write. Is that okay?
Yes. Some of us write in our notebooks, some use a computer. The important thing is to write.

Does the Waconia Writers’ Group sponsor or participate in any writing events during the year?
We try to share information about as many writer-friendly community events as we can! We post interesting upcoming workshops, readings, author appearances, etc. on our Events page. We’d love to make that list as large as possible, so please fill out the suggestion form and let us know what’s going on in your writing community!