WWG Meeting NEXT Sunday, June 24th


The Crossings Apartments, 200 S. Olive St., Waconia (kitty corner from Mocha Monkey).
This is a secure building. Signs are posted regarding entry.


Sunday, June 24th, at 4:30 p.m. (NOTE: WWG is not meeting this Sunday, June 17th, due to Dad’s Day).

Writing Prompt(s):

Write a piece about hot dogs and clowns.

OR Check out our Prompts page for inspiration! There have been a few recent prompts we’d love to hear more about!

CALLING ALL WWG MEMBERS: We want your lovely words!

Waconia Writers’ Group Anthology Project

We have asked members to bring their pieces (finished or in progress) to our June 24th meeting. They can be pieces you’re personally proud of or excited about, or pieces you’ve gotten positive feedback on. They can be pieces you’ve written for the WWG writing prompts, or that you’ve written independently. Bring the pieces you see promise in but aren’t sure are there yet. We’re going to devote some time during our next few meetings to go through this treasure trove of writing as a group. No pressure, no critique, but we’d use this as an exercise to see how many pieces we’d have in total, what type of pieces (poetry, prose, essay, etc.), and COULD provide feedback IF requested!

What we want to create: An anthology of Waconia Writers’ Group work! We would allot some time for people to edit their work, and then organize them into a book to print.

Why we want to create this anthology: We have some amazing wordsmiths in our group; every single member has brought something beautiful and powerful to our meetings by sharing their writing. That said, we don’t currently have a collection to feature our members’ work! This project would allow us to showcase our writers and possibly provide a funding stream for WWG to use for special events, hiring speakers, writing workshops, etc.

What we need to do next: We need to select the pieces for the anthology, but there are a lot of other things to think about! Jen has created a Google Doc for brainstorming; WWG members can contribute to the Google Doc (ask Jen for the link, via the WWG email chain) if they have ideas or want to volunteer for certain tasks.

About Jen Lynn Anderson

Writer, dreamer, imagination junkie. Joyously fumbling through life, looking for the right words.
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1 Response to WWG Meeting NEXT Sunday, June 24th

  1. Dorothy Ellerbroek says:

    I will not be at the meeting on June 24th; Beth will be the greeter and one permitting guests to enter the bldg. I plan to submit my entry re: “The Lesson from Room 321” for the anthology. I shared it our meeting last month.


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