WWG Meeting this Saturday, Oct. 2, @ Waconia Library!

Our October meeting will take place this Saturday, October 2nd, at 10:30am.

We will be meeting in the Magazine Corner of the Waconia Library, around the corner to the left from the Activity Room (our old meeting space). Masks are still encouraged, as we will be sharing the indoor space, and there should be room to spread out a bit.


Take a fairy tale character(s) out of their story and put them in a different setting/situation.
*Another fairy tale
*Real life/contemporary life
*A different time period
*Focus on their character traits/character history from their regular story: have they changed? Have they learned a lesson?
*Any other inspiration your writing experience takes you!

WWG is working closely with our CCL partners to stay current on any sudden scheduling adjustments that might roll out in the future due to COVID. We will keep current WWG members updated on any location changes should they occur. Please subscribe to our blog for updates, or request to join our mailing list using the contact form on our home page.

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