WWG Meeting this Saturday, 12/4, at Waconia Library!

Upcoming WWG Meeting:

DATE & TIME: Saturday, December 4, at 10:30am.

LOCATION: We’ll meet in the Magazine Corner of the Waconia Library (217 S. Vine Street, Waconia). Hang a left between the Activity Room and the information desk, hang another left, past the bookshelves, and there we’ll be!

PROMPT: Traditions


  • Now that Waconia Writers Group is a legit organization (and a revenue-earning organization at that!), we are trying something a little extra, for the sake of transparency. We will be hosting stakeholder meetings related to WWG business:
    • These stakeholder meetings will immediately follow each WWG group meeting on the first Saturday of every month.
    • These will be OPTIONAL meetings for WWG members. It’s an opportunity for all to have a voice in how profits from the WWG anthology are used, and in planning WWG events.
    • Feedback from members is valuable and appreciated! Jen will email out the stakeholder agenda prior to the First Saturday meeting. To suggest items for the agenda, contact Jen directly or email WWG.
  • Our Wednesday night virtual critique sessions had been placed on the back-burner for November’s writing shenanigans. We are looking to schedule more critique sessions moving forward, in December and beyond. These meetings will remain virtual. Please stay tuned, and contact us with any questions!

See you this Saturday!

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