2/5/22 WWG meeting recap, + info for March meeting!

Group Updates:

  • February was cold, but on Saturday the 5th our corner of Waconia Library was cozy and full of the delightful words we conjured from our inspiration:
    • Forgotten Spaces, Forgotten Things (aka, “write about something you found in your junk drawer/closet/forgotten space”).
  • We had some informative and productive discussions on a few related topics:
    • When writing about your own experience from the past, how to ensure your sense of time is clear for readers.
    • When revisiting an old piece to update the timeline (“moving” the present from then to now, which makes the original piece further in the past), how to find the balance between your voice now and the voice the piece was originally written in. Our voices change! The key is to be aware of that change when revising.
    • To the point above, we run the risk of going overboard with too many changes in an attempt to update the timeframes… be careful! This might result in you losing the tone of the piece.


  • Call for blog posts authored by WWG members!
    • WWG is looking to showcase blog posts from members about life, experiences as writers, writing tips and tricks, the sky is the limit!
    • If you’re interested, connect with Jen at WWG’s email to start that process!
    • Editing help is available too!
  • ACCC event coming up in April: Celebration of Poetry
    • April 7, 2022, 6:30pm, at the Chaska Community Center.
    • See our calendar on the WWG Events page for the full event description!

Next Saturday Meeting:

Saturday, March 5th, 10:30am. Waconia Library (Magazine Corner).

Prompt for March 5th: 

Write about something you used to do when you were young, that you won’t ever do again.

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