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We love sharing our words with each other, and now we’d love to share more of our words with the world!

We are creating a digital space to highlight blog posts from our WWG authors, about writing, life, or a combination of the two! This month, we feature Lynn Neumann:

Like many, I’ve found myself in a bit of a January slump (now coasting strong into April) when it comes to writing. It actually started before Thanksgiving. Thank you holidays. 

The weather doesn’t help. We spend so long gearing up for the cold, our bodies contorted and tense with the stress of fighting to stay warm. We had to answer the call to choose between physically going to the store to shop, or do it on-line. Knowing no matter which we picked we’d feel guilty about gas and packaging and masking up or down. Our bodies were also detoxing from the rich holiday foods as everything fell to the wayside in preparation for the raiders who come to pillage and turn our homes upside down in order to celebrate the insanity known and loved as Family. It became easier and easier to hunker down under the weight of it all rather than do what we love.

And we love writing. There’s something about it that even on a rough day where we don’t produce much, our minds are lifted. Our spirits are brighter. And yes, it is a high.

And yes, it’s also a time for daydreams of travel to somewhere a bit (or a lot) warmer. It is also the time for holding the hand of friends and family struggling through a tough time. Something we need all the more with recent events weighing hard on our souls.

And yes, it is still time to write. To find that bit of light in all the darkness. The stress relief on a very bad day, or even the cherry on top of a great one.

It’s time to go back to chase the high. Where our minds are expanding, along with our chests, as we soak in the air and scents, and breathe.

Author Bio:

Lynn Neumann does not know how to write about herself as an author. Not liking real blood and being too lazy to tackle the HR headache necessary to inspire minions, becoming a mad scientist was out of the running from a young age. Finally becoming serious about writing came when she decided it was time to write what she wanted to read with characters well over the legal drinking age. She reads horror, science fiction, and romance with the odd thriller and cozy mystery thrown in for good measure. She’s a little shy, and tends to dream weird things up. 

Shared with permission from the author. All rights reserved.

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