10/1/22 WWG meeting recap, + info for November meeting!

Group Updates:

    • A small group of us met today, October 1. A few of us read our spooky-themed campfire stories, and one of our members enthralled us with the next exciting installment of her travel in China! 
    • We had an honest discussion, and members shared similar experiences, about how our writing has often been pushed into the background because of other obligations. We acknowledged this as a part of life, but recognized how appreciative we are of the structured time commitments we create for ourselves (i.e. WWG meetings!) that honor our writing and give us the space to focus on our writing. We re-affirmed our goals to make writing intentional for ourselves, acknowledging and forgiving ourselves for setting it aside sometimes for life events that need our focus, but wanting to ensure we can allow space to return to writing.
    • WWG leadership is hoping to provide some structure (with additional meetings/write-ins in November) for those of us with similar goals of getting back into their craft after some time away.

Anthology Updates:View from the Shore

    • Vendor News:
    • One of our book vendors, Unearthed Arts in Waconia, closed its doors in September. We will miss their presence and support!
    • We will be exploring more vendors and expanding our outreach to include bookstores in the Twin Cities area. If members have ideas or suggestions for possible vendors, please contact Jen.
    • WWG Anthology “Meet the Authors” page is live on our website!
      • As we continue to sell copies of our WWG anthology, View from the Shore, it was thought that a digital version of our “Meet the Authors” page would help connect readers to our authors, and vice versa!
      • Find the page here.
      • If you are a WWG member who contributed to the anthology, and you have not yet submitted a photo or headshot for the web page, connect with Jen as soon as possible!


  • ACCC event coming up in October: Something Wicked… 
    • Thursday, October 13, 7:00 PM at ACCC (Brick City Banquet Room, Chaska Community Center).
    • If you’d like to participate in reading a spooky/horror/supernatural-themed piece, email somethingwickedreading@gmail.com (please include your name and title of your piece, as it will appear in the program).
    • See our calendar on the WWG Events page for the full event description and details!
  • Other October/November Events (check out Events page for full descriptions):
    • WWG Critiques (virtual): October 10 and 24, 7:00 PM, on Zoom (contact Jen for an invite!)
    • WWG Write-Ins for National Novel Writing Month: Mondays in November, 7:00 PM, location TBD.
  • Call for blog posts authored by WWG members!
    • WWG is looking to showcase blog posts from members about life, experiences as writers, writing tips and tricks, the sky is the limit!
    • We want to feature WWG members, so we can continue to learn from each other and develop our craft, even outside of our monthly meetings.
    • If you’re interested, connect with Jen at WWG’s email to start that process.
    • Editing help is available too!

Next Saturday Meeting:

Saturday, November 5, 10:30am. Waconia Library (Magazine Corner).

Prompt for November 5th: 

Write about an unforeseen event in your life, or an event that had an unexpected outcome. What was a surprise? Was it good or bad? What were the consequences (if any)? 

About Jen Lynn Anderson

Writer, dreamer, imagination junkie. Joyously fumbling through life, looking for the right words.
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