3/4/23 WWG meeting recap, + info for April meeting!

Group Updates:

  • A quartet of writers met today, March 4. Although none of us wrote on the prompt from last time (“What happens next?”) we did, in fact, find out what happened next in our Saturday morning: stories about wolverines and chickens and fighting the good fight, and travel memories of sunshine and fish markets. We also were joined for the first time by new WWG member Andrea. Welcome, Andrea! We are happy to have you! 
  • WWG members have agreed that we’d like to try to arrange more opportunities to get together during the month! We’re keeping our first-Saturday-of-the-month meetings at the library, for readings, prompts, and maybe some guest speakers in the future! We’d like to add some dates to the WWG calendar for write-ins (also at Waconia Library) where WWG members can meet and work on their projects in the company of other writers. Our first monthly WWG write-in will be Monday, March 20, at 5:30pm, in our usual cozy corner by the magazines.

Anthology Updates:View from the Shore

    • Vendor News:
    • We will be exploring more vendors and expanding our outreach to include bookstores in the Twin Cities area. If members have ideas or suggestions for possible vendors, please contact Jen.
    • WWG Anthology “Meet the Authors” page is live on our website!
      • As we continue to sell copies of our WWG anthology, View from the Shore, it was thought that a digital version of our “Meet the Authors” page would help connect readers to our authors, and vice versa! Find the page here.

      • If you are a WWG member who contributed to the anthology, and you have not yet submitted a photo or headshot for the web page, connect with Jen as soon as possible!


    • ACCC events coming up in March:
      • First Breath of Spring: Music and Words
      • ACCC Poetry Contest
    • Other March Events (check out Events page for full descriptions):
      • WWG Critiques (virtual): March 6 on Zoom (contact Jen for an invite!)
      • WWG Write-In: Monday, March 20, 5:30 PM, Waconia Library.
    • Call for blog posts authored by WWG members!
      • WWG is looking to showcase blog posts from members about life, experiences as writers, writing tips and tricks, the sky is the limit!
      • We want to feature WWG members, so we can continue to learn from each other and develop our craft, even outside of our monthly meetings.
      • If you’re interested, connect with Jen at WWG’s email to start that process.
      • Editing help is available too!

Next Saturday Meeting:

Saturday, April 1, 10:30am. Waconia Library (Magazine Corner).

Prompt for April 1: 

“The First Breath of Spring: Words and Music” – in preparation for the ACCC event on March 28, write on one of these prompts:

  • Tenderness (towards another, towards the earth etc.)
  • Mirrors (to the world, to the self, of feelings, etc.)
  • Home ( real, imaginary, positive, frightening, etc.)
  • Heart (metaphoric or real, feelings, hopes, etc.)
  • Loss (people, objects, time, etc.)

REMINDER: If you want to submit your piece to read at the ACCC Event: The First Breath of Spring: Words and Music… Submissions are due March 20

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