Oct. 6 Meeting Recap, and More!

We had a small but chatty group at our Saturday meeting! We covered some interesting topics, including suggestions for how to keep a project moving forward when it starts to feel like you’ve been working on it too long… even if that maybe means taking a step away from what you’re working on for awhile, focusing on other new projects to help rejuvenate your creative spark, and coming back to your work in progress with refreshed eyes!

Some of our members shared their obituary pieces, some shared excerpts of novels they’re continuing to develop and grow (congrats on the progress!).


Date: Sunday, October 21st
Time: 4:30pm
Place: The Crossings Apartments, 200 Olive St., Waconia
Prompt: Write a piece about “the forgotten.” This could be a memory, physical object, however you interpret what “the forgotten” means. Some sub-prompts to help get started: What has been forgotten? By whom? How was it forgotten? What are the consequences if it isn’t found or remembered?


The WWG Anthology is progressing! Jen is currently compiling and formatting a first draft of all of the pieces our members have contributed thus far. Thanks again to everyone who sent in their lovely words!

Next steps: 

  • Jen will notify everyone when the draft is complete (aiming for the October 21st meeting), and will print two hard copies to bring to the next several meetings, for members to review and write their notes on.
  • Jen will send quote requests to a few different printers around town, to get printing quotes on a few different finished book types (i.e. perfect bind vs. chapbook/magazine bind).
  • You can still contribute pieces during this time! At least through the month of October. Please look through your writing collection and see if there’s anything that tells your story as a writer (doesn’t have to be written for WWG!) that you’d like to feature in the anthology.
  • Call for artwork. A book needs a cover, and we’re still looking for a volunteer(s) to design ours. Any artists in the group with ideas, let us know at the next meeting or send us a message. We’re also looking to feature some black-and-white artwork inside the book, so let us know!


National Novel Writing Month is fast approaching! November 1-30. Check out the website here, or ask about how to NaNo at our next meeting.

As always, check out our Events Page for information about upcoming writing-related events in our community!


About Jen Lynn Anderson

Writer, dreamer, imagination junkie. Joyously fumbling through life, looking for the right words.
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