WWG Meetings this week

Hello all!

Here is a quick rundown of Waconia Writers’ Group meetings this week:

Tonight (Wednesday, 10/3), 7:00pm 

WWG Write-In at Mocha Monkey

  • This one is casual… come if/when you can, stay as long as you want, or until they close the doors on us at 9!
  • We tend to meet upstairs, where it’s generally quieter and there’s more table space. Look for me/Jen, I’ll be there at 7.
  • Bring any writing projects you want to work on.
  • Mostly we write, but there can be optional discussion/critique as well if requested (we’ve done mini-critiques at these before and it’s been pretty valuable!).

Saturday, 10/6, 10:30am 

WWG Meeting at Waconia Library (Activity Room)

  • Writing prompt for this meeting is: Write an obituary or an epitaph. It can be yours. It can be for a fictional person. It can be contemporary, Victorian, or from any time period. But the goal is to write about how a person is remembered – and immortalized in words – after they pass on.
  • Or you can share any of the last few meeting’s prompts, if you like! Here’s the link to the website Prompts page: https://waconiawriters.wordpress.com/past-prompts/

See some of you tonight! And on Saturday! Enjoy the rest of your week, and find those words!


About Jen Lynn Anderson

Writer, dreamer, imagination junkie. Joyously fumbling through life, looking for the right words.
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1 Response to WWG Meetings this week

  1. Dorothy Ellerbroek says:

    Sorry to miss the meeting this coming Saturday have a work thing to tend to.


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